Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Winters bring a lot of beautiful things. Like, the falling snow, the christmas lights, lazy mornings, warms cups of coffee, cute looking beanies, long sleeved sweatshirts and the list just goes on. And amongst all these lovely and nice things, there are some discomforts also.

5 Simple Ways to take care of Chapped lips in winter 

Chapped lips, for instance, is a hell of a problem. They are Not only super problematic but also extremely unappealing. Let's see how we can take care of the cracked lips and make them rosy and soft. 

1. Exfoliation 

Exfoliate your lips now and then. The primary purpose of exfoliation of lips is the removal of dead skin cells, which are the main part of the cracked lips. So try and exfoliate your lips regularly. There are many DIY homemade packs and exfoliating scrubs. Sugar crystals, for once are extremely helpful in scrubbing all the dead cells off. 

2. Watch what you eat 

This seems really silly, but it is not. Certain foods result in cracking of lips. Spicy and salty food cause the chipping. So, avoid them if you already have the cracked lips until they heal. Or consume them in very limited amounts. Also, although what I’m gonna say seems impossible, don’t go for coffee. Caffeine dehydrates your body that will eventually dry your lips out, causing cracks. 

3. Dehydration 

Dehydration is the main reason for the chapping of the lips. When you are properly hydrated, your lips will be soft and supple. So drink enough water and stay hydrated and healthy. Eat fruits and veggies. Especially the berries. They are extremely helpful and good for your hair and skin. So fill your bottle up!

4. Lipbalms 

Lip balms help in locking the moisture of the lips, which is highly necessary. Try lip balms with SPF around 15, which will protect your lips against the sun too. When you exfoliate thoroughly, seal the moisture and softness with applying a coat of lip balm. Maybelline Baby Lips is our favorite pick, and you can get the product for an even lower price if you can buy it online by using Nykaa discount offers on lip care products! 

5. Some healthy toppings 

Along with all these, to make sure your lips are always soft, supple and totally kissable, use coconut oil. Rub it in and massage for a couple of seconds and leave it overnight. Mix some rose petals in milk and use them on your lips for the natural pink glow. Pomegranate and beetroot juices are also excellent alternatives to give the pinkish tint. Another great remedy is Vitamin E, which is fantastic at moisturising skin and lips. Get some Vitamin E capsules when you can by using Healthkart offers on supplements, stack them up and use them on your skin and lips. Cheap and best! 

Along with all this, don’t forget to get your beauty sleep. Remove makeup before going to bed. Don’t let lipstick stay longer than required on your lips and take good care of yourself! 

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