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Mumbai, Filmfare: Some things never change. Bipasha Basu will forever be the perfect example of sensuousness and sexiness. For more than a decade she’s tempered many a pheromone storm. And she’s been nothing but elegant in the wake of her seductive image. Today she’s committed and settling down but her magnetism refuses to dwindle. The usual tinsel town conspiracies continue to come and go. And it’s all just an indication that Bipasha Basu continues to thrive at the marquee. She’s in a happy space. She’s content in the company of Harman Baweja and blossoming with hit after hit in the horror genre. She’s drawing strength from a stable personal life and reaping the benefits of a rocking vocation. Love is in the air, success is abundant and life is looking up for this beautiful woman.

Exclusive interview of Bipasha Basu with Sajid Khan of Filmfare

What was the experience like of working on Creature 3D?
Director Vikram Bhatt, who is also a dear friend has given credibility to the horror genre. He’d told me he wanted to make a creature film though he didn’t have a script, just a lingering idea. He asked me if I wanted to be part of it. I was thrilled. Who wouldn’t want to do films like Jurassic Park and Anaconda? I wanted to see myself in a film like that. It was fabulous working on the film. When we were shooting, we didn’t know what we were acting or reacting to since the creature was created later in a CGI studio. There was nothing on the sets, we only had to imagine where its eyes were or where it would attack. It was quite tough. Even in terms of special effects, we had to do every shot at least three times, for functioning and logistical purposes. It was a demanding film.

Have you found your niche in horror movies?
If you see my career graph, I’ve done an equal number of films in every genre. Yes, in comparison to other actresses, I’ve done more supernatural thrillers. That’s the only difference. But if a particular genre provides good story telling, entertainment and a different role every time then I will surely do more of such films. As long as I can make an entertaining film where I can perform, why not? Be it Raaz, Aatma or Raaz 3, I had great characters.

Do you get scared when you return home after working on a horror film?
Oh it is scary! I’ve always been easily scared and I haven’t changed a bit even today. I thought these films would help me get rid of my fear but unfortunately it hasn’t happened.

Coming to Humshakals, why did you boycott the promotions?
Boycott is a strong word. If you’ve seen Humshakals you’d know I had only six minutes in the film. I don’t know what was there in it for me to promote. What would I tell my fans? I can’t lie to them. Even I didn’t know what I’d done in the film. Till the last day, I had no clue what the story was about. Why should I promote such a film? Why should I dishearten my fans when I’m not satisfied with what I’ve done in it?

There were rumours...
See, there is no point discussing all this. The film has released and gone. I did not discuss the film then and I don’t want to discuss it now. All I can say is that it was a great experience working with Vashu Bhagnani and Fox Studios. But I did not feel good as an actress doing a film like Humshakals. And I made that clear. However I finished the shoot amicably without asking any questions and without throwing any tantrums. I never objected to anything during the making. I was professional and completed my work.

Have you spoken to Sajid Khan post the release of the film?
I didn’t feel the need to do anything like that.

There were also rumour about a tiff between Bhushan Kumar and you? Apparently you asked for 1 lakh for hair and make-up for promotions?
The people who look after stars are professionals too, they don’t come for free. They aren’t my relatives to work for free. It’s true for all the actors. The contract for a film is the same for a promotional activity. Be it Deepika, Priyanka, Katrina, Salman or Hrithik, all their staff works on money. Why am I the one who’s targetted? Promotional activities happen for a whole month. We work 18 hours a day. Then why would my staff work for free. I will have to pay them for their services. This is part of our contract.

You haven’t worked with any of the Khans in the industry. Is that a regret?
Why should I? They are all my good friends. Shah Rukh, Salman and Saif, all are my friends. If we are offered a good film then we will do it otherwise it really doesn’t matter. At this point in my career, I’m happy. I am happy and proud being myself. I’d never piggy-back on anyone.

Your relationship with Harman Baweja is now public. What was it about him that attracted you?
Companionship is something that you can’t plan. When you connect with the person you just connect. There is no thought process behind it. I’m not the kind of person who gets attracted by money or success. I can’t tell you one thing about Harman that attracted me to him. It is only about connection and the fact that he is also a friend who understands me.

Who proposed first?
What proposal? I don’t remember. It has been a long time. And we are not kids. It all used to happen in school, will you be my boyfriend or girlfriend? No one talks like this now. It’s just the bond. When you become a couple you just know.

When are you planning to get married?
I haven’t thought about it yet. Right now, I have to do a lot more films. When I do get married everyone will know...

Does a break up make you a better person?
Not necessarily. Some completely break down after their break up. Some pick up their life and move on. If you are an intelligent person then you will move on. I don’t think a break up can make you a better or a bad person. It’s life, you have to go through it.

So love can happen more than once?
Love has various forms. It is different at every stage. As a child it’s puppy love. Then as youngster you fall crazily in love. Then there is a point in life when your love has a feeling of permanence. As you grow older, you understand love better. But I always say love yourself. The day you start loving yourself, you will get a stable and secure love life. The meaning of love changes with time.

Is sex important in love?
Absolutely. It is the most important thing especially in maintaining fidelity. Your relationship will fall apart the day it’s not there. For me, if there is no love there is no point in having sex.

What’s the secret to a good relationship?
Friendship, mutual respect and equality. Relationships break when there’s no mutual respect. It’s important to have a balance in any relationship. I should get the respect that I give to my partner. Space is important too. I don’t think you should be into each other 24x7.

What has been the most difficult phase of your life?
The time when I got out of my long-standing relationship (with John Abraham) and had kind of stepped away from my career too. It was difficult to get my life on track. But thankfully I’m an intelligent girl. I realised the value of my life. And once I did that, it was fine. I got a grip on myself.

Who helped you sail through these difficult times?
Family and friends always help you. This is the time when your work is most important. It is true when they say that and empty mind is a devil’s workshop. It’s important that every individual is self driven and passionate. Everyone should do something they love and never give it up for someone else.

What did you learn in such tough times? What would you advise girls to do in such a situation.
Always make yourself a priority. Only then can you love yourself and the other person equally. If you let the other person take precedence over you then you won’t ever be happy in your own life. Often girls make this mistake and that’s a big problem. Secondly, you should be confident. That’s why I say always love yourself.

You are an outspoken person. Has it ever posed a problem for you?
Always. When someone questions me I always reply frankly. Whatever comes to my mind comes to my lips. At times I fail to put across my point in a pleasing manner. A lot of times people take it the wrong way.

So you’re easily misunderstood?
I’m a friendly girl. People can read me wrong. I’m diffrent from my image. I have grown up physically but still feel like a child. We are three sisters and when we go out together, my younger sister protects me like she’s older. I don’t want the child in me to die. I like myself like that.

Any awkward rumours you’ve heard about yourself?
When you’re in the business you are signing yourself to a contract where you will get equal amount of love and hate. So get ready for it and enjoy the ride. You have to know when to disconnect. I know out of 100 people, 50 will like me and 50 won’t. I’m concerned with only those 50 who love me.

What has life taught you?
I feel I have a lot to learn from life. But let me tell you I don’t make too many mistakes. If you leave aside the little glitches, I’m a cautious person. I think a lot before taking any decision. I always protect myself. I don’t let people affect me because I know that people who don’t know me have no right to judge me. Only those who are close to me have the power to make me emotional. I concentrate only on my life. I don’t bother prying into other’s lives.   [ Source: Filmfare]

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