Monday, 18 August 2014

On first day of college , i was extremely nervous and scared . Dressing up was the last thing on my mind but the closer the day , the more thought went into that first day outfit . If you are a "fresher" then this post might be of some help .

Points to remember
- Dress up without dressing "up"
- NO smoldering pouts
- Try to smile a little
- Don't flip your hair back and forth , don't flip your hair back and forth ;)

The above points might sound stupid but are true because
- Your seniors are watching
- You DO NOT want to mess up that impression

I am not suggesting that your life is dependent on what they think but getting into the good books does get you some fun times ;) .

All these outfits are styled to make sure they look casual . The last thing you want to do is to overdress on your first day of college .

The top, shoes and shorts can all be found at Sarojini nagar . The ring can be purchased for any online jewelry store

Plazzo pants similar to these can be bought at GK , flats at janpath and earrings at any sterling silver store . Similar bag can be bought at Paharganj

My words of wisdom for the new college student

- Embrace it while it lasts , you will cry buckets when its over .
- Don't be an open book , people can be very sly.
- DO not believe all the gossip you hear , there might be some going on about you too.
- DO not loose your confidence. You will meet different people and most might not agree with you and your life . I guess that just part of growing up . You need to know what to edit out ;)

OH MY GOD i am so excited for you !!! Make me proud !!

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