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I am am discussing about our Saree Fashion and its Global affect and touch. before that i want to share some info with you. Saree is the most wear out Fashion and trends in Asia and Asian Countries but no one exact no about its birth and started trends. and we r also not going in it.

A sari, saree or shari is a South Asian female garment that consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards in length and two to four feet in breadth that is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff.

Respect of Tow Divas
Rekha In Saree1

Saree Fashion become  most famous wearable Fashion Trends in Industry  because of Vidya and Rekha.

“Elegant Smile and Wolrd Age lessCharming Beauty in world “. What Combination its rear Movement on Pics. Thats whys i am taking As Example for my Saree blog.

Its our Saree and its History but its enough otherwise you think i am going to teach Saree History to my Viewer and fans lets come on our next topic Saree how affected Global Fashion Trends and who those beautiful lead’s carry it gorgeous and grate .

rekha in maroon saree

1) Rekahji : Rekhaji one of the most Famous Bollywood Deva who is none than other. She is elegant she is beautiful she look awesome and stunning and she tout to Bollywood how carry tradition and Fashion Particular on Saree. Rekhaji is Guru of the Saree wearing style and Fashion in Film and glamor Industry. she always looking grate in saree and she is chose new new Fashionable and stylish Saree and its become Fashion so she is my first or No 1 in Saree style.

Rekhaji not only carry Saree in good way she well know how Saree help to look hot and sexy. In some years ago Saree nothing but Traditional wear Fashion Mantra but Rekhaji Change the thought which are people thinking . Just checkout following Pic can u think about it anybody or any Bollywood Actress look like Rekhaji which is rekha Expose in Saree….i think not means not.

Rekha in Hot Saree

Rekhaji and Saree its grate combination in glamor industry not only Glamor also Fashion Rekhaji prove saree nothing but glamor of the Actress also you can expose your hot attitude in it. In current years Saree become the top most Fashion in Fashion and Glamor industry.

2) Vidya Balan: Vidya Balan also one of the most elegant lady in Bollywood Industry who is look beautiful in Saree she is grate carrier of the Saree any where we can see her in traditional function to Fashion shows to Bollywood award shows she always try to wear new and different in Saree currently we are seen her in Cans Film Festival She Wear Saree and Lahanga in Most awesome way. Her Saree style and Fashion one of the her success Mantra in Bollywood whenever she did glamor role(Dirty Picture) to traditional role (Paa) she always maintain her Fashion Mantra with Saree because she handle it in good way and good manner.


Vidya’s Saree mostly designed by Sabyasachi Kolkata based Fashion and Saree Designer. She is made him India’s most famous saree designer i am not blame on Sabyasachi creativity. he is good and best Fashion designer in India. But he got that much good status becouse of Vidya ji and her Saree.

we can see her in any way in International festival to Indian Cinema she is best Saree carrier and Saree chooser in my Saree Fashion and Saree wear List without Vidyaji can not completed so. If you are remember and realize it number of Bollywood Devas trying to wear saree in Industry Function and award festival.But no one look like Vidyaji and most important thing is that everybody looking different in Saree because Saree affected your personality and and there are number of factor to affect in Saree and become elegant look.

vidya_balan in saree

In Hot way to Traditional Vidyaji looking awesome and sunshine in saree no one say its Dirty Picture because its Saree and her Saree Fashion if you are see Viydaji look on(Nargis‘ look from Mother India for Cineblitz magazine’s ) Its also required that much dear to show and expose with Saree. but Viydaji has.

vidya-balan on cineblitz

so next time we will discuss on two new Bollywood Deva with Saree Fashion and them Saree style.

Namskar Good bye Saba Kher.

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