Monday, 18 August 2014

The first place for the "Winter clothing" report is Bunglow Road in Kamla nagar
I have shopped here and i quite like the stuff and i am ALWAYS excited to go back again :), i have an experience of 3 years with this shop so you can count on my words. When i started  buying  sweaters they were for 99 :P now its 199

Name - 2 funky

I asked the guy for his card  which he did not have  , so i asked for the address and he pointed to this plate (its for the adjacent shop :P)

Racks outside with some sweaters

trying to entice the customers with their competitive prices :P

turn left from those racks and the stairs lead you down  to the shop

There are three shops next to each other  ,as you can guess  the shop in topic is on the left

The  shop from the inside
What i LOVE   - Reasonable prices ( a boon for college students )
-So much variety
- Has a changing room
- No pushy sales people (these guys are very chilled out)

  • They do exchange clothes !! * with the bill
  • Its slightly peaceful= not on the road
    What i dislike - The stock can get monotonous, if you want completely new clothes you need to visit after 2 -        3 weeks
  • they do not take cards ( this is not a complaint :P , not many college students pay with it but i want to :( )

IMPORTANT - Do check each clothing before buying and WASH nicely (INITIAL WASH), i personally wash my woolens but you can dry clean as well
- Try going before 1.30 , college is not over = Early birds always catch the worm   clothes :P

check out the directions DIRECTIONS
- Walk straight from  Mc Donald's and just after the Wild craft store you will find it :)

P.S-1)This was my first journalistic venture :P , i had to sneak pictures :P.
2) There is a jewelry seller just outside McDonald :P he has some funky things but expensive , DO BARGAIN !!!

Do tell me about your winter shopping spots :D ,would LOVE to know


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