Sunday, 12 January 2014

There hot and cold atmosphere in Indian sub continent. It’s time for my favorite season, winters ! Here our regular writer (Zara Didi) re calls her feelings.
Unfortunately though, this year I am in Hyderabad which doesn’t exactly have winters and so here I am missing Delhi again. Nonetheless, Fall fashion is what I look out for each year because I have a huge thing for winter attire. Thus my this post is dedicated to Fall Fashion. After going through couple of magazines, blogs and websites, I have come across few must-do or must-have things for this year. I have tried to convey some of those through pictures here below. However, don’t expect furry jackets, boots, thick mufflers and beanies because I don’t have all my winter stuff in Hyderabad as I don’t need them (so at home back in Delhi). Feel free to take cues from these pics and come up with something of your own !

1. Bright colours, prints and Trench Coats

2. Leather and leather jackets

3. Jumpers/ Pullovers and the right amount of Bling

4. Print on Print

5. Coloured/ Bright/ Printed/ Slouchy Pants

6. Boxy Jackets & Booties

Palazzos have been a huge trend for quite a while and why not ?! The wide-legged pants are airy, makes your skin breathe, super comfortable and yet trendy. I had been doing random instagram posts on Palazzos and as per the comments I would recieve from some of my followers I could sense a little reluctance among girls as to how to wear the Palazzos right.

Thus here this post is an attempt to break the code. I have come up with seven, yes seven different ways to style a Palazzo pant that anyone can use for an outfit idea as per their personality. Furthermore, for the post I have used two Palazzo pants, one plain basic blue and one printed. The rest I’ll let the pictures talk to you


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