Friday, 10 January 2014

Vera Wang and Her Indian Hubby in Santa Monica for Indian Fashion Journal ! We had accompanied with the celebrity couple on the 8th and 9th, me and my hubby went on a road trip to California with our friends, Amy and Fabian. It was short, but fun. We lived at Hollywood, which was a complete different experience compared to Las Vegas. In General, Las Vegas does not have a lot of natural plants and lives. You can only go to the strip or downtown to see unique architectures. However, in Hollywood, or I should say in Los Angeles, blossoming plants are everywhere around you. There are also lots of unique graffiti on the wall.

Vera Wang in free mood

Vera Wang on beach

Vera Wang and Her Indian Hubby

Vera Wang and water

Vera Wang stylist

The most exciting part of the trip would be going to the Santa Monica Beach, it was my first time going to the beach in America. The second most unforgettable experience would be casting at The Ford Modeling Agency. I didn't plan to do it, I was just there for Amy; however, she encouraged me to do it, and I did it! It was pretty simple, all I did was completing a form and taking pictures.

Ombre Top: Blu Pepper \\ High Low Skirt: Vera Wang

We went to a restaurant that sells organic burger. We ordered burgers as well as sweet potation fries. The desert, Vanilla ice cream with brownies was the best among all, we were so attracted to it and forgot to take pictures. I hope I would be able to visit California more often. Thank you for reading.


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