Thursday, 2 January 2014

Wish you all a very happy new year. I hope this New Year will be great and full of happiness for all of you. Did you guys made any resolutions? I didn’t plan out any. I will be going with the flow this year.

Today I am going to review Khadi Aloevera Glowing pack review. I like Khadi face packs. They work well for my skin so I picked this up. And this face pack contains aloevera which is a boon for all skin types. As we all know Aloevera works like magic on all skin types so this pack can be used on all skin types.

Price: INR 150 for 60gm (50gm plus 10gm free)

Shelf life: 2 years

About the product: An Aloevera based face pack which improve skin texture, firmness and elasticity. An ideal preparation for skin tightening and make healthy.

Directions for use: Apply the past on wet face for 15 min, let it dry and wipe it with moist cotton.

Ingredients: Aloevera Tourn 10g, Cucumis sativus 3g, Ash of Zincum 4g, Glycerine 15g, Sodii Biboras 6g, base 84g, Preservative 5g, Calamine powder mitti 15g, Kaolinum 300g, Citrus limon 4g, Purified water.

My experience with Khadi Aloevera Glowing Pack:

The pack comes in transparent tub with white paper covering showing the details of the pack. The tub has black lid and it comes with aluminium foil inside to prevent any spill before opening the product. Also it ensures that the pack is unused and untouched. Some might not like the fact that it comes in a tub but I feel face packs in tubs are better than in tube. I always apply a face pack with brush so I feel more comfortable when I get them in tub.

The face pack is white in colour with a slight tinge of green colour. As soon as I opened the pack, I was mesmerized with the smell. Oh!! I wish I could describe it to you. It is nice and fresh. It gives you a feel as if you are in a garden. So refreshing. The consistency of the pack is neither thick nor very liquidy. It is just apt to directly apply on face. It is a clay based pack and it glides on smoothly and gets dried in 15 minutes. While applying it gave a stinging sensation but that lasted for only few seconds. I kept it for 15 minutes and then removed it with a sponge. I felt that my face was fresh and my skin was glowing. I agree all such packs saying glowing has a temporary glow which go after few hours but I just love the kind of glow it provided. It left my face squeaky clean with making it dry. Overall I just loved the face pack and my skin looks much healthier with constant use of the pack. I use it on every alternate day.

Pros of Khadi Aloevera Glowing Pack:

• Affordable
• Easily available online
• Smells really nice
• Gave instant glow. Apt to use before any sudden plan.
• Did not made my skin dry
• Friendly packaging
• Lasts long
• Does not cause pimple

Cons of Khadi Aloevera Glowing Pack:

• No cons. I am totally loving the product

Will I recommend or repurchase Khadi Aloevera Glowing Pack?

Yes, I guess this will be a face pack which you will always see in my vanity. I definitely recommend this to you all.

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