Friday, 6 September 2013

During winter season, people faced so many skin problems like dryness in the skin, lacklustre and flake in the skin. These skin problems damage your skin and this will decrease the glow and charm on your face. As everyone wants to look beautiful and charming, it is necessary to keep your skin protected in winters as well as in other season also. Through various skin protected tips during winter season, we can maintain healthy, fresh, glowing, charming and supple skin in winters. Some beneficial skin care tips are as follows: -
Use Cold Creams: – As the climate changes, we need to change the skin care tips according to season. During winter season, it is necessary to use the cold creams which will reduce the dryness in the skin. Cold creams also care our skin from cold air and dew in the night which might be affected our skin so much.

Get a Facial: – 

Skin experts also suggest the people that whenever the season changes, we must put an extra effort to protect our skin and facial is the best way to clean our skin during winters. It is better to start the winter season with fresher, cleaner and healthier skin because it will give you a better routine to clean and maintain your skin in cold weather.

Drink Water: – 

During winter season, it is obvious that people drink less water as compared to summer season. But it is not good for our skin as well as for our health. For maintaining glow and charm of our skin, we must drink water just like summer season. In winter season, people also get dehydrated so drinking water regularly decreases the dehydration in our body. To wash our face from clean and pour water time to time is also very beneficial for our face.

Don’t use Lighter Moisturizer: – 

Some people use a lighter moisturizer in winter season which is not beneficial for our skin. We should use heavier cold creams which creates an extra layer on our skin to protect the skin during winters. This will also maintain the sensitivity of our skin and our skin becomes more sensitive by using heavier creams.

Avoid Petroleum made Products: – 

The general problem in the winter season is the dryness of lips. As we cannot neglect the lips so by using various branded lip guards, we can remove their dryness. It is important to notice that some lip guard creams made up of petroleum and petroleum can clog the pores and hardness in the lips. So avoid the use of products and creams made by using petroleum. Always purchase the branded products for your skin.

Use Sunscreen in winters: – 

Some people don’t use sunscreen lotion in winter season which is not a good idea. Sunscreen lotions are always beneficial for our skin. It protects our skin from the harmful rays from the sun. Always use sunscreen lotion 30 minutes before leaving the house.
These are the some useful skin care tips during winter season which will surely help you to protect your skin in winters.

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