Saturday, 7 September 2013

We already brought you our 10 favorite YouTube makeup tutorials and now it’s time to get your hair up to snuff, too. From a perfect 5-strand side braid to the elusive beachy wave, we’ve got the best online hair gurus teaching you how to take care of your locks. Click through to find a new ‘do and pick up a few styling pointers along the way.

1. How to Do a Five-Strand Side Braid:

The (seemingly) bad news? The all-of-a-sudden-super-popular fishtail braid just got upstaged. The good news? Its successor—the five-strand plait—is actually pretty easy to master. The great news? This bona fide braid guru shows you a super duper easy way to recreate the look. {LuxyHair}
2. How to Create a Textured Updo:

Whether your hair is naturally full of texture, or you’re just trying to revive/extend the life of a three-day old hairstyle, this is the updo for you. Thanks to a few loose twists circling the crown (secured in a bun with bobby pins), you’ve got yourself an über adorable look that’ll work everywhere from the road to the red carpet. {DulceCandy87}

3. How to Make Your Ponytail Look Fuller and Longer:

Ponytails are all fine and good until they start looking lame, limp, and lacking. This instructional visual teaches you a few good tricks on how to make your tresses look twice as full and thrice as long in three minutes flat. Feel free to thank us later. {Naptural85}

4. How to Get Beachy Waves:

Call it what you want—be it bedhead or beachy waves, seemingly naturally textured strands will always be a highly sought after look in our book. Watch as this diehard wavy hair fan simulates the style using sea spray, a bit of pomade, and a few gusts of heat from a handheld blow dryer. Trust us—this style is not as easy as it looks, especially if your locks happen to be bone-straight. But now you know the tricks. {Stardust Fairytale}

5. How to Create a Cute Top Knot (With a Sock!):

Next time you lose a sock in the dryer, don’t toss its lonely match in the trash—add it to your hair care kit. This gorgeous girl shows you how to fashion a full and fabulous bun in various positions on your head using just a sock and an elastic band. Now that’s what we call resourceful! {Wendy’s Lookbook}


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