Friday, 2 August 2013

Writing after quite some time now. Today I’ll be reviewing about a Deo from Streax, of the feel fresh Fruit passion range.
Product Claims :
Feminine and delicate. The fresh magical essence of mandarin ,Amber and grapefruit is both soothing and calming.

We always look for a Deo that has a soothingly wonderful smell, but effective at it’s core function of banning body odour, that lasts for an approx of 6 hours. I am not that of a fan of body sprays/perfumes/EDTs ,but yeah, get myself one or two every once in a while. This time I bought the one from Streax. Although, as I said, I haven’t used too many varieties of bodysprays, but this one’s the best of all that I’ve owned. (wonder why this range is so under-marketed!! ). this range has three variants of deo; wild flower, nice spice and fruit passion.

My experience with Streax Feel Fresh Deo in Fruit Passion

This deo comes in a black cylindrical container(the usual  ) with green-white illustrations giving a mystic look to it. And has a translucent olive green plastic cap. The cap is a pretty strong and a tight one that doesn’t come off easily which makes this baby travel-friendly. Also the sprayer is good, seems like a little chunk has been carved out so that the finger sits in there perfectly during application.

This deo doesn’t have a flowery smell, it has a fruity scent, and that’s what has made it stand out, for me. It has the fragrance of Amber with undertones of grape fruit and it comes out just so lovely. It’s not at all overpowering to your senses but it stays on for around 4 hours . It’s a very girly scent, with a twist of fruity hint.


INR 160



Shelf life:

2 years

Ingredients :

alcohol, n-butane, iso-butane, propane, fragrance ,diethylphthalate, propylene glycol, triclosan.
Contents- alcohol (95% v/w), 45%w/w, denatured with 1%w/w, diethylphthalate.

Pros of Streax Feel Fresh Deo in Fruit Passion :

• Cheap
• Easy availability.
• Fruity fragrance.
• Lasts long, Upto 4 hours.
• Travel-friendly.
• Looks good, aesthetically .
• Available in 2 more variants.

Cons of Streax Feel Fresh Deo in Fruit Passion :

• Not well promoted.
• Contains alcohol.

Would I repurchase it/do I recommend Streax Feel Fresh Deo in Fruit Passion ?

I’ll definitely love to try out the other variants from this range.

If you ladies spot these anywhere, make sure you try it once. I definitely recommend this product to all of the beauties here.


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