Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color: Mulberry Work
Combines amazing comfort with staying power that keeps you looking fresh for hours. With a long-wearing comfort technology. Offers a creamy color with Colorfix technology. Ensures 10 hours of intense crème color in default.
Price : NR 400

Another pick from the new lakme collection, its like may be I have exhausted lipsticks or these lakme ones are to my liking, they are matte, very nice shade, and they have a flat top,come with a friendly price tag and are basically mattes and loads of colors to chose from, I am sure i will use them much more than many other lipsticks, so here is a review on a maroon pink shade.

I remember having seen very less shimmer colors, there were some nice bright oranges which i did not pick but most of them were nice warm shades which are very wearable everyday,t his one is one such maroon may be soft maroon which could be used lightly as a day wear and it looks really classy.

The color is more like a soft maroon and it has this fine gold shimmer but it is barely visible, I think it goes on more like a matte than a shimmer but I am not sure why Lakme has put in some fine shimmer in so many of them when they are actually matte.

The texture and feel goes on very matte, you can see, but still on the lips it does not look powder matte, it looks like it has some sheen to it, and the texture I feel is more like a sheer lipstick when it glides on the lips, I dont feel it is like a powder matte but feel the need to build it up, so in the swatch I am wearing two swipes at least, you can consider the shade a sheer maroon.

I think the color is good for office and also for mature women, it is not a very young color though it may look like a soft pink shade but honestly I did not enjoy the sheer texture much, I like thicker pigmented lipsticks. It kind of sets to a smudge-resistant finish, but still keeps lips supple and soft, and this could be okay for dry lips since it is not a powder matte.

Lasting power is good, three hours easily and it fades evenly, will survive snacks, and you can count on it for not looking patchy, it fades nicely without that dry chap lip feel and patchiness.

Overall recommended for mature women, for office and nice soft maroon it is, I think I might show it to my mum to see how she likes it.


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