Monday, 12 August 2013

Kaya Skin Clinic – Aqua Fairness Luxe Treatment, Early this month, Rati and Sanjeevji gave Neha and me the opportunity to Kaya’s Skin Clinic’s August rush treatments. You would be happy to know that Kaya is running “August Rush” offers where they have slashed their prices down a great deal and some treatments are even available for 50% and some of them are:

1. Clean Fresh Oil Control.

2. Aqua Fairness Luxe.

3. Acne Free with Aqua Therapy packages.

4. Photo Facial Service Package.

The Kaya Beauty Assistant at the counter 

From the above services, I had chosen “Aqua Fairness Luxe.” After the 50% price cut, Aqua Fairness Luxe costs Rs. 4000 for 3 sessions. Also, with the entire Aqua Fairness Luxe package, there’s a free complimentary Kaya Sunscreen Lotion which is given out, seems like a good deal, isn’t it? Also, this treatment is good for would-be brides who are going in for bridal grooming.

Treatment room 

The best thing about Kaya is that an experienced dermatologist is always available to check out your skin type and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Since I had picked up Aqua Fairness Luxe, I didn’t need to see a dermatologist.

After I had fixed the appointment and reached the Kaya Clinic, I was welcomed warmly and was taken to one of their treatment rooms. The ambience was perfect to relax. I was taken through the entire procedure by a very helpful beauty assistant. She told me what she would be doing at each step and the benefits of the products she was using.

In the first step, the beauty assistant cleansed my face thoroughly with a cleanser. After that, using an aqua jet machine, compressed air consisting of saline water was used all over my face to exfoliate dead skin cells. This aqua jet is passed through a nozzle and its a really cool experience. After this step, I felt as if grime and dead cells were sloughed off. This procedure is also called as lymphatic drainage.

The next step was infusion of glycolic peel (10%) through the aqua jet machine. There was mild tingling which the beauty assistant told me was normal. Glycolic peel evens skin tone and reduces pigmentation, and gives skin glow.

After the peel, she applied a post-peel neutralizing cream and wiped my face with cold water. Next, she removed blackheads. There was no steaming required in this particular facial.

The aqua jet machine with a nozzle that releases cool air, loved it 

Later, she massaged for around 10 minutes with aloe vera gel and followed it up with Kaya Insta Brightening Micro Mask which is a transparent silky gel mask with botanical extracts that instantly gives brighter skin in just 20 minutes.

After wiping off the mask, she applied sunscreen all over the face.

The facial session lasted around 90 minutes. After the facial session, I felt that my skin was squeaky clean, a little bright (there are two more sessions), and felt extremely light. It felt like a super cleanup session and I feel a monthly session like this is really good for everyone of us. As as far fairness is concerned, I definitely think it makes the face bright and glowing with all that aqua jet and glycolic peel therapy, but there is no drastic change of shades, but I think once all the sessions prescribed are taken, it would show.

If you are a to-be bride, go in for this facial to get that glowing face. I think I am going to book my future sessions because this seems like a great deal.


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