Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Gucci Lady Buckle Black Leather Bag and Michael Kors Watches
It has been some months since biwi bought a bag. A lot of preparations have been going on the professional front and we have been too busy. Suddenly Rati realized yesterday that she needed a new bag (fortunately, she doesn’t realize this everyday). So along I went to DLF emporio to check out the snooty lust list. It’s not easy to buy bags for biwi. When I don’t like something I’m not letting her experiment with fashion. And when I like something, why do I like only black when she has too many black bags already.  For a person whose every other shirt is in blue, I wonder why can’t all bags be in black. But finally, biwi did like a black bag- Gucci lady buckle black leather top handle bag- AND picked it up too because the shop assistant pointed out that winter fashion would require many black bags only. So there, I won!
So here is the bag AND the bag details from Gucci. Rati also got her initials embossed on the ID tag at the showroom. 
Gucci lady buckle black leather top handle bag
black leather
antique gold hardware
black leather lining
Made in Italy
square buckle detail with gucci logo engraving
detachable ID tag

Gucci lady buckle black leather top handle bag

And then we went on to Michael Kors showroom which has just opened 10- 11 days back. It happened that both of us liked watches over there. I don’t know why Rati needed to buy. She already has too many. I only have one watch so my replacement was justified. *innocent face* But you can’t argue with your wife on the day before her birthday so here are two more phatkas to my credit card. Enjoy the piccies. 

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