Friday, 2 August 2013

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last LOTD. So today I’m going to review a product from the brand Clarins, I’m currently loving Clarins product and I’m using the full white plus range and got great results. So, today I’m going to share Clarins White Plus Brightening Pure Aqua Lotion (Toner)

Take a look:


The ideal skin care lotion for combination skin and in hot climates. Crystalline and invigorating, this is the essential skin care to soothe and purify skin and revive its brightness.
• Brightens the complexion and evens skin tone.
• Purifies and tightens pores, refines skin texture
• Tones and refreshes the skin.


Price: Rs. 2100/- for 200ml
My Experience with Clarins White Plus Brightening Pure Aqua-Lotion :

The aqua lotion comes in a white sturdy plastic bottle, with a decent hole size.The fragrance is pleasant. This toner is water based with formula enriched with ingredients like alchemilla, red sandspurry, ginkgo biloba and white tea extracts. I’m very happy with the product I use it twice after cleansing my face with cleanse; I apply this and moisturize my face with serum and then moisturizer. This product brighten up my face instantly, the biggest advantage of this product is it tightens pores without feeling greasy or break outs. Rati thank you so much for recommending White Plus range. Girls if your skin is oily and need something to brighten up dull skin I recommend this toner.

Pros of Clarins White Plus Brightening Pure Aqua Lotion:

• Paraben free product
• Love the sturdy packaging.
• Gentle on skin.
• Brightens skin.
• Tightens pores (yay).
• Refreshes skin.

Cons of Clarins White Plus Brightening Pure Aqua Lotion:

• In humid climate sometimes it feels greasy.


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