Tuesday, 18 June 2013

We have done a deep digging for green living beauty products which are normally called natural, herbal and organic beauty therapy. If you are one of such herbal product lover like me then must check our list to keep your evergreen beauty. There are thousands of Indian company and manufacturers which are competiting with each other. Check our finding of Top 10 natural beauty products' brand in India.
1. Omved herbal:

This brand produces tones of products such as tees, towels, soaps, shampoos and conditioners and many more.
2. Rustic Art products:

This brand has numerous products such as soaps, hand creams, lip balms, moisturizers and many more.
3. Aura vedic products:-

Maximum products of this brand are SLS and Paraben free as they are specialist of skin and hair care.
4. Biotique products:-

Biotique is one of the brand which has combine power of ayurveda with the modern scientific products. Wheatgerm cream, papaya scrub, walnut purifying and polishing scrub are their main products.
5. Prakriti Herbals products:

This brand has skin and hair care products such as shampoos, scrubs and packs/masks and many more.
6. Forest Essentials products:

Exorbitantly expensive products are manufactured by this brand such as hair care and skin care.
7. Lotus Herbals products:-

Lotus Herbals is a trusted and reliable brand in beauty care market.It has combines science and ayurveda mixture products for beauty care such as Lotus Sun safe sun blocks, lip balms, natural kajal and herbal face wash and a few more.
8. The Nature’s Company:-

The Nature Company has hair and skin care products as the give full control of users' choice.
9. Vedantika Herbal products:

This brand has wide variety of beauty products such as skin polishing scrubs, shampoos, face washes and acne masks and many more.
10. Shahnaz Husain Herbal:-

One of the well known brand of beauty care product in India. It is founded by Shanaz Husain as a small center in the 1970 but it is the largest chain of beauty care direct marketing channel now.It has wide variety of products such as Rejuvenating mask, Diamond exfoliating scrub, Tulsi neem face wash and Shamilk for under eyes.


  1. These are some best herbal product brand in India. The main advantage of herbal beauty product is that they are not harmful for your skin.

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