Monday, 1 April 2013

An Indian dress always becomes main attraction in western parties or public place because it is a nice costume idea for a Halloween party or costume get together or any special party. A fashion Indian dress combines the traditional Native American clothing with embellishments like fringe and beads. Purchasing this type of dress can be expensive when bought at a store, and making one at home by hand can be a cost-effective alternative. 

With a few tips and some know-how, even novice sewers can put together a fashion Indian dress in no time.

5+ Points of Indian Fashion Attraction in Western Parties

Indian Dressing Instructions
1. Fold one yard of beige colored fabric in half lengthwise, so you now have two layers of fabric. Cut out a basic dress shape from the fabric. The shape should be about one yard from top to bottom and have one asymmetrical strap that cuts across the chest, similar to the look of a cave girl costume You should now have two identical dress panels.
2. Sew the two panels together, creating a seam along both sides of the dress, leaving the space for the arm hole open. Sew a seam at the top of the shoulder strap as well. Turn the dress inside out so the rough edges of the seams are on the inside and there is a smooth hem on the outside.
3. Sew a length of fringe along the chest line of the dress. Fringe trim can be purchased at most craft stores.
4. Tie a few beads to the each side of a strip of faux or real leather. Tie this around the waist of the dress to act as a belt.
5. Attach a few feathers onto another piece of leather strip using super glue. Tie this strip around the head like a headband and tie tightly.


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